The Many Ways to Wear a Scarf!



SCARVES!!! They are such a fun accessory to add to any outfit and you can practically wear them all year round. But if you are new to the scarf world, first let me say WELCOME! Once you start wearing these exquisite pieces of fabric tied around your neck, you will become addicted! They come in so many shapes and sizes but most importantly COLORS/PATTERNS! If you still aren't sure how to wear one and afraid to take the leap, we found the perfect video tutorial that can walk you through it! Especially those blanket scarves.....I mean, are they a blanket or a scarf! Well, my dear...they are both! Enjoy this video and take some notes. You will be rockin' those scarves like a beast! 


Posted by Shawna B on 16 September, 2015 Scarves, style tips | 0 comments
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