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At Closet Runway Boutique we search high and low for unique and affordable fashion from upcoming designers!  We are the fashion hub for trendy and contemporary women's apparel and accessories! We update our site daily with new items as the inventory moves fast!  Our customers have learned if they fall in love with it, they buy it immediately before its gone! We show our items being worn by real women from our staff and do our best to stay away from paid models and mannequins!  We also love to take photos in real life settings as that is where you will be wearing the clothes! 

CRB was founded by Shawna in 2013 in the amazing state of Indiana. She is a stylish mom of three beautiful children (who are just as stylish....we aren't biased!) and always had a knack for keeping up with the latest trends but at a fraction of the cost! Like every woman, she longed to own the high end designer clothes but thought it was silly to spend $150 for a t-shirt! Shawna researched designers and found a way to dress like a million bucks without the top dollar price tag! She decided to finally hang up her teacher's hat of 9 years and fulfill her dream of opening her own boutique selling brand new items from upcoming designers! Her love of clothing is now a thriving business which she is excited to share with you!! 

If you LOVE Social Media, follow CRB on Instagram @shopclosetrunway and tag us at #crbstyle for a chance to win gift cards. Also, be sure to visit our  Facebook  page as we post new arrivals headed your way! Also, follow us on Wanelo, Pinterest, SnapChat, Google +, and YouTube.

As Always.......Be Unique. Be FABULOUS. Be YOU! 



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We are a trendy online women's fashion clothing boutique that is U.S. based and Family owned! We are located within the quaint town of Saint John, Indiana. If you happen to live local to us, please contact us at hello@shopclosetrunway.com or text us at (317) 919-7473 to set up an appointment to shop our Inventory Showroom. *Our showroom is currently going through renovations and is closed until June, 2018.

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